Star Wars - Galaxy Asunder

Episode 1: Meetings

After a rough start, Kisk has finally started enjoying her vacation. Enjoying a fun time at the Fathier track, a zero-g massage at Zords Spa and a sightseeing tour or Canto Bight. During a stop in the tour for dinner Kisk meets a red skinned Devaronian named Mucurio. They enjoy a meal together when he slips Kisk something in her drink and then leads her into a remote alley. One they are alone Mucurio pulls a hold out blaster and confronts Kisk telling her that Mr. Boskin is not happy with her “performance” and that he was there to make sure she did not return to work.

Coldax has been going about his normal life working maintenance when on his way home from work a limo pulls up and a large man gets out of the car, looks at Coldax and tells him, “The boss wants to talk to you.” and point to the open door. Coldax gets into the limo where he meets with a dark blue skinned Chagrin. He offers him a job with a substantial reward. Coldax takes the night to consider but by next morning he decides to accept the offer and if given his marching orders.

Jaya’s work as usual was interrupted by Ralto asking an unusual request of her. He seemed hesitant of sending her to the but in the end relented. He asked if she would like to work an evening making extra credits toward her indenturement. She agrees and is told that someone will be by to pick her up the next day at noon to help her get ready. When the time comes a female Codru-ji named Mia, wearing a black suit picks her up and takes her downtown to get Jaya a spa treatment and clothes for the evening. By the time the evening rolls around Jaya is unrecognizable as the young indentured stable girl. She is taken to meet Bryce Carlson, the businessman she is to escort for the evening.

Nabrina and IG-64 have been tracking down information on an illicit auction that will be happening soon. They head to the harbor in search of birth 327 in hopes of speaking with Berton Malison. When they arrived at the marina they found the birth they were looking for is in a private section guarded by security. They decided to head to the office of Maith Ba’tolk, the dock master for the private docks and see about gaining entry to see Mr. Malison. Unfortunately they only got to speak with Maith’s office assistant who gave them the run around and would not get them in contact. In the end the assistant recommended they contact Berton Malison through his construction company. So they did, speaking to his personal assistant and explaining how Gaius Jastor was planning on making a donation in exchange for gaining access to the evenings auction. After a trip downtown to the Malison Construction office they had their passes to the auction. Gaius had IG-64 modify the invitation for Nabrina and IG-64 to attend the auction as a proxy for him and sent her with instructions to attain the cube being auctioned at any cost.

They prepared and headed for the auction the next day. On their way there they saw a tall Devaronian man pointing a blaster at a Chis woman. Thinking she was being mugged, they ran in and confronted the Devaronian and eventually chased him off. Kisk not knowing where to go traveled with Nabrina and IG-64 to the auction. IG-64 once again modified the badges to get Kisk in and he posed as a translator droid. Wandering around they find the cube that is up for auction on the promenade deck under the glass ceiling of the yacht.

At exactly 9:51 Coldax does what he said he would do and cut’s power to the ship. With a violent jolt the hover boat drops into the water lurching back and forth. All of the passengers start panicking and screaming. A small craft emerged out of the water from behind and hovers over the yacht. The glass ceiling shatters, rappelling ropes are dropped and Kyuzo dressed in tactical gear descend toward the deck.

Nabrina ignites a glow rod and throws it to the top of the cube where it disappears through the top. Then the massive shape of Se-vor-ah springs out of the box with the red glow rod between his teeth.

Roll for initiative….



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